Undoing. Doing. Redoing 

Delivering workshops and 1:1 coaching to equip employees with the practical tools they need to manage their stress responses before they reach the edge of burnout, otherwise known as the ‘Grey Space’. 

The Grey Space 

The area in which the boundaries between coaching and therapy blur 

Discover more about the work we do with organisations 

1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health problems such as anxiety, stress and depression every year. (Source: Mind)  
Can your organisation afford to ignore the cost of poor mental health in the workplace? How are you supporting your teams and ensuring you create and nurture a healthy working environment? 
Coaching delivers a ROI of £5 for every £1 spent. 
(Source: Deloitte) 
Using an evidence-based approach grounded in cognitive behavioural coaching, Lauretta Cundy works with organisations to support individuals on their leadership and career journeys. 


Delivering practical tools, tips and strategies to support positive behavioural change and reduce the negative impact of stress within your organisation. 


Tailored sessions focusing on taking a preventative approach to encourage proactive management of stress responses before the point of burnout is reached. 

What our clients say… 

“It was like a seminar on how to think more powerfully and increase your potential to do what you want. Like CPD for Power Thinking.” - Simon, surveyor 
"I am much more aware and more focused than I used to be." - Alice, marketing manager 
"Lauretta’s personal development and wellbeing sessions have been greatly enriching. She has an engaging and sympathetic manner, and she brings academic weight to her practice.” - Richmond, consultant solicitor 
“Coaching is different from other types of talking therapy. It gives you the knowledge and understanding to know what you are going through and feeling. It goes beyond classroom learning and you really see how it can practically fit into your life.” - Matt, HR director 
"Lauretta has helped me make better decisions and we are now moving forward in a more positive way as a company. She has taught me some coping strategies which have helped me with sleeping and managing stressful situations in the workplace." - Angela, company director 
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