Practical and interactive group coaching for up to 20 people. 
Our workshops explore a mind-body approach to managing anxiety, worry and physiological responses to stress. Incorporating cognitive behavioural coaching, positive psychology, psycho-education and neuroscience, these sessions deliver practical tools, tips and strategies to support positive behavioural change and reduce the negative impact of stress.  

All workshops are tailored to your organisation; areas we focus on include: 

Navigating the return to work following a career break, furlough or parental leave 
Developing the confidence to step into leadership roles 
Establishing boundaries to protect positive mental wellbeing, fostering an environment ideal for innovation and growth 
Harnessing the power of agile leadership 
Developing increased emotional intelligence, promoting more effective communication skills 
Managing responses to the stressors of fast-track leadership schemes 
Our proactive group coaching sessions deliver preventative strategies to your workforce. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge to take positive action for themselves to make changes before they reach the ‘Grey Space’, or edge of burnout. 


A bespoke series of one-hour, individual coaching sessions. 
The sessions will focus on flexibility, adaptability and resilience, taking a preventative approach to encourage proactive management of stress responses before the point of burnout is reached. A programme can be provided as a standalone offering or as an extension of a workshop.  

Content is customised according to the individual; points of emphasis may include: 

Managing anxiety around transitioning back into the workplace after a period of absence 
Deconstructing unhelpful beliefs and blocks to reframe thinking and move forward with greater emotional resilience 
Preventative steps to protect both psychological and physiological wellbeing using a mind-body approach 
Developing an awareness of the ways stress develops from the imbalance of environmental demands and an individual’s perceived ability to cope 
Learning to become psychologically flexible and to manage and adapt to change easily in order to be an agile leader 
Our aim is for people to walk away from a course of coaching feeling informed, energised and supported on their career path. Throughout the process, everyone becomes equipped with the tools and strategies to move forward with the confidence to be their own self-coach when needed. 
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